Monday, July 16, 2007

The Tops Market $1,000 Shootout!....

We've got something new and exciting at this year's William S. Thomson Golf Scramble - the Tops Market $1,000 Shootout! Here's how it works:

The Qualifying - When you arrive at the 3rd tee, a par 3 hole, pay the $5 entry fee to the Rotary representative (remember, the Scramble is our major annual fundraiser). Hit a shot onto the green - we don't care if it's well-struck or not. The players who hit the 10 closest shots during the round qualify for the Tops Market $1,000 Shootout immediately following the round. We will post the qualifiers at the registration area, so please check in as soon as you complete your round.

The Shootout - Upon completion of the Scramble, with all assembled around the 9th green, the 10 qualifiers will be positioned at the 150 yard marker in the 9th fairway (100 yard marker for women qualifiers) and will each take one shot to the green. The order will be in the inverse order of closest qualifying shots.

The Payoff -
1st closest shot - $750 - Al Monti
2nd closest shot - $200 - Dave Obedzinski
3rd closest shot - $50 - Scott Barmore

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